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Opinion Full Circle

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Digital civic participation and corporate and trade association PACs are giving citizens a bigger stake and a stronger voice in Congress, state legislatures and at the ballot box.  We help organizations grow their grassroots capacity and political clout, by giving their most valued stakeholders the skills, tools and resources to shape legislation and regulations, invest in candidates that stand with them, and win from the state house to the White House. That’s how we bring public opinion full circle.

Four Reasons to Make LTEs a Central Part of Your Communications Strategy

If your LTE includes the above elements, grabs the editor’s attention, gets printed and garners clicks and/or shares, the paper will notice and that’s a good thing for the next LTE opportunity you should pursue. Plus, getting it placed in one outlet lends credibility and can lead to greater receptiveness with similar publications.

Introducing the 2018 GOTV and Voter Engagement Survey

To benchmark top strategies being employed by Fortune 500s and trade associations in Election 2018, SevenTwenty Strategies and the Public Affairs Council have launched the 2018 GOTV and Voter Engagement Survey. The goal is to assess how major companies and associations plan to engage employees, members, shareholders and the general public in the 2018 elections - and ultimately, what they view as their most successful strategies for encouraging civic participation.

SevenTwenty Strategies Names Vlad Cartwright as President

SevenTwenty Strategies announced that it has appointed Vlad Cartwright as President of the firm, effective March 15, 2018. Pam Fielding will become the company’s Chief Executive Officer.  With over 20 years of leadership experience in public affairs, advocacy strategy, and public relations, Cartwright will continue to lead public relations and advocacy programs for SevenTwenty’s Fortune 500 and trade association client base.

Launching New Political Programs

Whether you’re asking people to write to Congress for the first time or introducing a PAC to your company leaders, there are three foolproof strategies to guarantee a flawless rollout of your new political program. Read on!