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We are a full-service public relations and public affairs firm in Washington, DC. Our approach strikes just the right balance of three diverse points of view:

You can work with anyone.

Why not partner with someone who has an unwavering commitment to your success?

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We know grassroots advocacy. We know PAC.

Digital civic participation and corporate and trade association PACs are giving citizens a bigger stake and a stronger voice in Congress, state legislatures and at the ballot box.  We help organizations grow their grassroots capacity and political clout, by giving their most valued stakeholders the skills, tools and resources to shape legislation and regulations, invest in candidates that stand with them, and win from the state house to the White House. That’s what shaping your influence is all about.

What’s Missing From Your Fly-In Strategy?

Wondering how to tie together all the elements of your advocates’ visit to Capitol Hill? SevenTwenty Strategies is hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 27 to share our insights on how a cohesive media relations strategy will make your fly-in a success.

Radio Advertising Has Political and Campaign Strategists All Ears

The 2016 election was a poignant reminder that politics is personal and the race to win any campaign is really a race to turn out voters at the polls. With 93 percent of adult consumers tuning into radio each week - more than TV or smartphones - the opportunity for campaigns to capitalize on radio advertising is greater than ever.

Launching New Political Programs

Whether you’re asking people to write to Congress for the first time or introducing a PAC to your company leaders, there are three foolproof strategies to guarantee a flawless rollout of your new political program. Read on!

Capture Their Attention and Give Them Something to Hold on To: Your PAC Brochure

A PAC Brochure is your pocket-size sales rep. It showcases PAC goals, member benefits and policy interests to your eligibles in a visually compelling journey from introduction to sign-up. Your brochure is representative of the PAC as a whole: how it presents itself, how it communicates and why it is important to the political conversation.

Pam Fielding Named One of Top Women in PR

President and Founder of SevenTwenty Strategies, Pam Fielding, was hand-selected from a pool of the nation's most accomplished public relations professionals and honored as one PR News’ Top Women in PR for 2015. The Top Women in PR Awards considers a broad scope of female public relations professionals to highlight the best and brightest in the industry.