More Campaign Support Services

Media Production & Placement

Connecting your campaign’s message with the highest number of voters is a key element to ensuring victory for your political campaign. We’ll help you do just that with the production and placement of award-winning video and radio spots that use testimonials and other tactics to accurately and creatively tell your story.

Print & Digital Advertising

Through carefully crafted imagery and messaging, your ads will stand out and give voters a reason to take your campaign seriously. Advertising services include: direct mail, billboards, newspapers, magazines and programs, website banners, social media and just about every other form of print and digital advertising.

Digital Communication & Web Design

Your campaign’s digital identity is greatly determined by your website. We’ll help you put your best digital foot forward with a stunning—and user-friendly—website. We’ll also help you manage your grassroots network, communicate with voters and file campaign finance reports with our easy-to-use suite of online tools.

Live & Automated Phone Services

It’s a fact; senior citizens turn out to vote. And they do so at more than double the rate of those half their age. But how do you reach them? Answer: the phone. SevenTwenty will connect with your constituents via live operator or automated phone technology to deliver your message straight to ears of key voters.

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