VoteWatch 2016

What is VoteWatch 2016?

There is still time to subscribe to receive the remaining three installments of VoteWatch 2016, the insight-packed election video series brought to you by David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report and SevenTwenty Strategies.

Topics include: 

  1. Convention Coverage (JUL/AUG): We'll break down the impact of vice presidential picks, messages, and strategies.
  2. House & Senate Review (SEPT): We'll analyze and assess which races will determine control of Congress.
  3. Election 2016 Wrap-Up (NOV): When the dust settles, we'll take stock of what happened and what it all means.

How it works

We’ll produce three 2- to 4-minute videos over the course of the election cycle and deliver them to you via a secure embed link for use on your website. Already a client? Great! We'll embed the link for you. To subscribe, simply complete the form below. An invoice and details about your subscription will be sent to you via email to the address you provide. For questions, contact us today at 202.962.3955 or via email.