VoteWatch 2018

What is VoteWatch 2018?

It’s that time again, the midterm elections are right around the corner and it’s shaping up to be another exciting cycle where control of both houses of Congress are in play. Join us for VoteWatch 2018, an insight-packed, election video series brought to you by SevenTwenty Strategies and The Cook Political Report.

  • Primary Preview (March) - Like no president before him, Donald Trump has attacked members of his own party establishment as ferociously as he's battled the opposition. How will the GOP's civil war play out in key 2018 congressional primaries? And will Democrats be able to overcome their own deep divisions in time to gain House and Senate seats?
  • The Battle for the Senate (April) - Republicans' slim 52 to 48 seat Senate majority has left them virtually no margin for error to advance major legislation. Democrats would love to make a play for the majority, but must defend 10 of their own Senate seats in states carried by Trump. How the key races shaping up, and could the GOP actually gain seats?
  • Key Issues Driving 2018 (May/June) - Republicans are counting on the tax reform bill passed at the end of 2017 to help them keep control of Congress in 2018. How are voters feeling about the legislation and how will their views of the legislation color their perceptions of the party and the economy as we head into the summer? And, what other issues are driving and animating the voting public?
  • The Battle for the House (July/August) - Are we headed for a wave election? Pundits have long held that Republicans gerrymandered themselves into a safe majority, but anger towards President Trump and the GOP has thrust House control into play. Will Democrats pick up the 24 seats they need, or will Republicans use Nancy Pelosi effectively as a foil?
  • A Look at the States: Governor's Races (September) - Some of the most consequential elections of 2018 won't be for Congress, but for governor's mansions. There are 36 offices at stake, and after the last few years, Democrats may have nowhere to go but up. We'll preview the closest contests and explain why they could reshape politics for many years to come.
  • Final Election Preview (October) - The 2016 election turned conventional wisdom on its head. What surprises could be in store this time? We'll examine which party has the momentum in the homestretch and identify late-breaking House and Senate races your audience should be watching.
  • 2018 Midterm Wrap-Up (November) - We'll close our series by diving into the results and explaining what they mean for the congressional agenda. What issues drove voters' choices and what does the outcome tell us about President Trump's chances of winning reelection in 2020? We'll also discuss the emerging fields of presidential candidates.

How it works

We’ll produce the remaining 2-4 minute videos over the course of the 2018 election cycle and deliver them via a secure embed link for use on your website. Already a SevenTwenty client? Great! We'll embed the link for you.

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